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We will be out of office until March 30, 2023. All orders will ship when we return.


Will I receive import charges for my order?

Customers in the United States and Canada will not receive import charges upon delivery. At this point in time, there is a chance of import charges to other locations.

Are your products eligible for “Made in Canada” or “Product of Canada” status?

Our products listed as “Made in Canada” are generally eligible for “Product of Canada” status (with a minimum threshold of 98% produced in Canada). However, we universally opt for “Made in Canada” labelling on all of our Canadian made products.

Do you offer custom services?

We do not offer any sort of custom designing, printing, or embroidery services.

Do you restock items?

Our items are generally limited to one print, in varying quantities. In general, we do not reprint or restock items, but may opt for alternative colorways for re-releases in the future.

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