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Information on this page is subject to change. These factors only serve as a general guideline to whether or not your product is authentic. If you would like further clarification to the authenticity of your product, please reach out to us directly.

Our labels proportionately represent our logos/symbols and will not be skewed or stretched.

 A comparison of two woven catbob labels to differentiate a genuine garment from an inauthentic one.

On the left, a genuine Catbob woven label. Distinguished by having a proportionate logo, smooth edges due to high density stitching, and correct sewing orientation.

On the right, an inauthentic garment using our signature hem tag. The garment is made in China and features a logo that is stretched horizontally. The edges have a pixelated effect due to low density stitching, and the tag was sewn upside down. Other garments from the same seller may have the correct sewing orientation.

Generic blanks
Since its inception, Catbob is a fully cut-and-sew operation. None of our designs have ever been printed on a blank other than our own.

Bootleg Catbob x Yeye Weller Bad Apple t-shirt featuring text "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke".

Bootleg tee found on Etsy.

There are presently no authorized resellers of Catbob products. When buying online, our products are only officially available through

Many Catbob products are packaged with a custom hologram. You can find these on our hang tags, along with a handwritten signature from one of our team members.

A catbob hangtag featuring handwritten text to identify the garment, a signature initial, and a unique hologram to verify authenticity.

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